This blogpost comes in four parts: New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

Somebody wise said, "It's always fashion week somewhere in the world." The once exclusive fashion shows that would grace only select cities like Milan and New York in the early 20th century has spread to nearly every city in the world, and is broadcast through nearly every fashionista snapchats, websites, and blogs. As someone who has neither the money nor the connections to get invited to such shows, I am forever grateful that technology has allowed me to be connected to these events for free. So without further ado, here are some of my favourite looks from New York, London, Milan and Paris.

First off, let’s talk about Red Valentino. I am obsessed with these military-style jackets. Even though since Olivier Rousteing, I haven’t been able to disassociate military buttons from Balmain, Red Valentino makes it their own by having scalloped edges and making the silhouette a lot more robust. The combination of knee high socks and boots along with the aforementioned coats combined with the coats make me a very happy girl indeed. Not to mention the fact that I could conceivably actually wear something like this to college, and with stuff I already have in my closet.

The sailor-style jacket is the military-style jackets’ very close cousin, and this season, no one did it better than Tommy Hilfiger. This look is really and truly the cutest thing I have ever seen.

I will always and forever have a place in my black heart when it comes to Saint Laurent. Although no other show of Slimane’s have managed to top my favourite S/S 13 collection, I can appreciate the 70s-inspired glam he released this season. My favourite look would have to be this peacock dress cinched with a wide black belt. The scarf + the low neckline is a winner!

I would have to say, Ralph Lauren is really and truly KILLING IT this season. Both POLO by Ralph Lauren and his Ralph Lauren collection stole my little fashionista heart. I am a huge fan of the beiges, muted greens and blacks of the Polo collection. To me, it had a Savannah desert adventurer feel, and I am so here for that. Not to mention the fact that camel coats combined with blacks make my heart beat just a little bit faster. 

The Ralph Lauren collection had a very different vibe. The tweed coats with neck ties reminded me of movies like Dead Poets Society and The History Boys (two of my favorites) and as the collection progressed, the looks strayed more into modernity, with leather and maxi dresses as well as lamé skirts. I’m in love!!!

Monique Lhuillier’s collection is fabulous as usual, but the looks above has to be my favourites. I always love the aesthetic of a flowy maxi dress with a large heavy coat. And that gown is simply stunning. Florals? For Winter? Groundbreaking.

This season, I’m all into simple, clean, silhouettes (among all else… I fall in love with clothes very easily). So I love the simple black tailored suit released by both Zac Posen and Calvin Klein, and this simple maxi dress by Katie Gallagher. Speaking of women in suits, Vera Wang’s version had me palpitating. I’m so into the massive tux coat with what looks like lace shorts and some bare legs, combined with boots made for stomping around.

Diane Von Furstenberg is challenging the way in which we exhibit clothes as a show, and it is a very interesting discussion I may or may not cover in the future. But for now, this look from her latest collection is the chicest. Looks like the low neckline plus a collar is a trend that is here to stay.

Words cannot explain how much I love the Alice and Olivia collection. Museums and art galleries are my favourite places to be, and I think that their collection embodied that experience.

My own personal style always tiptoes between street and office, so naturally, I gravitate towards Alexander Wang’s collection. The matching tweed sets are very Chanel-y, and the way it was styled with a simpler shirt underneath gives me life. Rag and Bone of course also has top-notch urban collections and are worth taking a look!

What stole NYFW for me though, was Marchesa. Their collection was everything I’ve ever wanted and more. It was like if somebody had breathed life back into the empire of the 18th and 19th century, and stole all their clothes. I can say nothing more. Please do yourself a favour today and have a look at their collection.

If I missed a look you think I should have included in this post, tell me below! Next post, we go to London!

All photos are from Vogue.com


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