This blogpost comes in four parts: New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

Somebody wise said, "It's always fashion week somewhere in the world." The once exclusive fashion shows that would grace only select cities like Milan and New York in the early 20th century has spread to nearly every city in the world, and is broadcast through nearly every fashionista snapchats, websites, and blogs. As someone who has neither the money nor the connections to get invited to such shows, I am forever grateful that technology has allowed me to be connected to these events for free. So without further ado, here are some of my favourite looks from New York, London, Milan and Paris.

To me, Milan definitely trumps New York and Paris fashion weeks. It is so good that I couldn’t just choose one look for each designer, because I end up liking the whole collection. As I’ve mentioned before, this really is only my first year of following designer fashion so it may be too early for conclusions, but I think that a lot of Italian designers’ point of views complement my own personal taste really well. Italian clothes, to me, are dramatic and rich, with patterns that contradict each other, made in materials that scream elegance and luxury.

If I wasn’t sure before about the whole pyjamas trend before, ALBERTA FERRETTI definitely sold it for me. Silk pyjamas were at times wild with flower patterns and are overlain with fur or a cape. At other times they came in plain colours and were very simply styled. The result were looks that oozed glamour and yet was effortless at the same time.

FOR RESTLESS SLEEPERS also had that glamourous pyjama look on lock.

BLUMARINE’s collection in my view is the daytime cousin of Ferretti’s night, with significantly more fur. Some of my favorites were this beautiful, thick fur lined dress made of wispy, see-through fabric, duster fur coats smoothly wrapped around models, and shiny dresses that were in cool tones like light blue and light pink, and yet were never short of drama.

DOLCE AND GABBANA is, of course, Dolce and Gabbana, and so never fails to disappoint. This season, the runway is set at the hallway of a fairytale castle, with a spinning wheel at the top, and the models were princesses. Coats adorned with flowers (literally) and royalty-inspired dresses and jackets were in full force, and some garments had references to our beloved fairytales: Cinderella’s mice in one dress, her glass slippers taking the form of a handbag, Snow White’s dwarves and her Evil Stepmother’s magic mirror. This season, Dolce and Gabbana fell down the rabbit hole, and never looked back.

It must be the season of knights in shining armour, because ERMANNO SCERVINO showcased them too! Military coats, fur, and dramatic black dresses? Count me in.

PRADA joined in on that military vibe, but Prada’s girl is arguably more serious and dark. It reminded me of Soviet Russia in the 20s and 30s, under Lenin’s power. Military green jackets and coats are paired with argyle socks and lined with fur. But what gives me life is the long fur coat combined with argyle tights, paired with that model’s “I am going to destroy you” look. Exquisite.

“Fun and Fur” seems to be the motto over at FENDI this season, along with light blue: light blue boots, with light blue fur, and a light blue fur handbag. This season’s clothes make for such good eye candy.

But to me, when it comes to fun, nothing quite nails it like GUCCI. That all-pink ensemble? Everything.

The party girl is out at JUST CAVALLI, sporting a pink fur coat that would rival that of Gucci’s.

The ROBERTO CAVALLI collection trumps Just Cavalli’s party girl for me though. This season’s inspiration is “the louche, lean and sinuous women of Art Nouveau.” Black garments are adorned with patterns in rich gold, silver, and ruby.

Presentation-wise, I do not think any other show was as dramatic as MOSCHINO’s. Fire and smoke everywhere. Even more interesting and dramatic still is Jeremy Scott's inspiration for this collection. Florence, 1497, in which the people decided that anything that reflects vanity and luxury should be burned. What's of course ironic is the fact that Jeremy Scott is producing the show in an industry that thrives on vanity and luxury, but I think that just makes the show all the more fascinating.

Who would I be if I don't talk about VERSACE? To me, the muse in this collection is the ultimate representation of a cool girl. Someone you would love to hang out with, but would be way too intimidated to, not because she is in any way scary or rude, but because you're scared you would run out of cool things to talk about. I love it.

Honorary Mentions are NO.21 and SCOGNAMIGLIO.

The end is nigh, dear readers. Tomorrow, we go to Paris!


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