This blogpost comes in four parts: New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

Somebody wise said, "It's always fashion week somewhere in the world." The once exclusive fashion shows that would grace only select cities like Milan and New York in the early 20th century has spread to nearly every city in the world, and is broadcast through nearly every fashionista snapchats, websites, and blogs. As someone who has neither the money nor the connections to get invited to such shows, I am forever grateful that technology has allowed me to be connected to these events for free. So without further ado, here are some of my favourite looks from New York, London, Milan and Paris.

I may or may not be shot for this because I’ve only been following designer fashion for just over a year, but I find that London designers generally take more risks than New York designers. I found that a lot more of the collections from LFW are more avant-garde than its New York counterparts, which makes for a more interesting and exciting show. One show that made me extremely, extraordinarily happy is the Ashish show, in which coloured afro wigs matched the models’ outfits. It can also be seen in the Vin + Omi show. It’s such a fun and playful aesthetic and I’m absolutely in love with it!

 Pam Hogg and Fashion East’s Richard Malone also showed amazing avant-garde-esque pieces. 

But I would have to acknowledge this metallic number from Robert Wun. This, to me, is absolutely beautiful! I love the fact that it looks as if the designer fashioned a garment out of flowing silver. It’s probably also why I love this piece by Vivienne Westwood. 

It looks as if she got melted silver and made a dress out of it! The way the gown looks with the model’s skin tone also gets an A* from me.

Edda Gimnes absolutely murdered at LFW though. If you haven’t seen her collection, it’s up at vogue.com, but just have a look at my two favorite ones! I have never seen anything like these dresses before. Her creativity is on a whole other level!

With a lot of the collections, there is a very definite muse that I can see, which is that of an art student in an art gallery in 21st century. The Alice + Olivia show from NYFW tapped into this muse, and more brands like J Moon, Leaf Xia, and Victoria Beckham released clothes fir for museum-hopping. 

I’m 100% in love with this aesthetic so please do not be surprised if my personal style stray more and more into this direction!

Mainstream fashion is becoming more and more androgynous in style, which of course can be attributed to our society being more and more accepting of genders other than the heteronormative ones. 1205 and Whistles released beautiful androgynous garments.

In that same vein, powersuits for women are definitely back in style. Rohmir and Emilia Wickstead, both released different variations of the suit, 

and Vivienne Westwood and Barbara Casasola introduced a pop of colour in theirs. 

The way in which the traditional suit was incorporated in this Rohmir dress is my favourite though!

Alexander Mcqueen also released some suits, but the collection as a whole was absolutely divine. My favourite of course was their final piece. I love the aesthetic of an expensive-looking blanket just non-chalantly wrapped around a person, who is probably regal. It reminded me so much of Rihanna’s dress at the MET Gala last year! Iconic.

Sequins and the party girl muse are also everywhere, and I am not complaining! Everytime I see something even remotely reminiscent of Saint Laurent’s 2013 A/W collection, I fall in love. Felder Felder and Julien McDonald both released pretty party girl garments (although I did think that they looked a little bit too much like Olivier Rousteing’s Balmain…), 

but House of Holland absolutely wins it this season. 20’s + 70’s + 80’s. What more could you ask for?

I’m really happy to see Faux Fur back in the runway. Fur is one of my favourite textures of all time and Topshop Unique and Isa Arfen both did fur extremely well in their collections. 

But I’m especially fond of this look from Isa Arfen. I just think that it’s so cute and adorable, and the fact that her purse looks like a garbage bag makes the look even more lovable to me.

This dress from Erdem looks so glamorous and luxurious.

And I just have to give a shoutout to this dress from Teatum Jones. The silhouette is very reminiscent of a traditional Filipina gown, and so of course I am all over it. The modern pattern combined with this traditional silhouette is just delicious.

Tomorrow, it’s Milan!!!

Photos by vogue.com


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