Viktor & Rolf | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2015/2016

I have never seen a Viktor and Rolf show before, but I've gotta say that this one blew. me. away. It puts a very literal meaning to the idea of fashion as art that I was just talking about last week, and the execution of this meaning was very excellently carried out.

The show starts off with geometric pieces like this skirt and this dress. The colour white was very dominant in the garments and the runway itself was clean and white with no backdrops at all.

The presentation of the show was very intriguing especially in the very beginning. Two men, who I presumed were the designers Viktor and Rolf, stood in front of each other on the bottom of the runway. There they waited for the second model to complete her walk before taking out her geometric skirt and hanging it on the blank wall behind them. This seemingly incongruent act makes sense by the tenth model, as she struts down the runway in a dress that is very heavily inspired by oil paintings, down to the gold framing on the edges of the garment. I am not joking when I say that I literally gasped when I saw the dress. It completed the story of the show for me, like the missing piece of a puzzle.

I love analysing works of art, so I'm going to do my own bit of analysation for this show. I might be completely off the original intentions of the designers, but the fun is in interpreting the shows as I see them. I think that this show could be taken as an opinion piece on fashion as an industry. The plain white colour and the geometric aesthetic of the clothes in the beginning reflects the emptiness of fashion as an industry, in my opinion. The set-up was almost reminiscent of  fashion shoots, with the plain white backdrop and the two guys in black who were busy putting up the first piece on the wall. Then colour was brought in, which I think stands for inspiration and romance. The fact that the paintings looked like they could belong in the romantic era only highlights this idea. The designers are trying to tell the viewers to take inspiration from the days of old, the days when these paintings may be from.To take their passion and love of art as a driving force, instead of money and fame. In the middle of the runway you see the white being washed away from the frames by the colours. And I take this as genuine inspiration washing away capitalist greed.

Not only was the execution and storyline incredible, but the pieces themselves were phenomenal. To me, they fully portrayed (excuse the pun) the craftsmanship of the designers. In some of them it looks as if the model has stuck her head into a painting, pulled it down to her waist, and is now carrying it around like she's wearing a skirt.

How did you guys interpret this extraordinary show? Let me know in the comments below. I'll talk to you guys later!

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