Style Crush: Nicki Minaj

This installation of Style Crush is a very subjective one. And so, of course, who other than Nicki Minaj can create such controversy? I was never too attached to her earlier styles both in fashion and in music, but her new reinvented self has got me on the edge of my seat! It is polished, clean, and classy, but never loses the sparkle that only Nicki Minaj can create. It still has got life, though presented through much muted colours and patterns. The change from loud to subtle in Nicki Minaj's style is dramatic, but she still manages to steal all of the attention.

The first outfit is a personal favorite of mine. Nicki Minaj wore this gorgeous Cavalli dress while presenting for the MTV Europe Music Awards in Glasgow. And she looks stunning. The dress with that hair makes her look like a goddess! The subtle pattern on the dress and the slight skin-showing through the cutouts and the sheerness of the fabric are to die for. I literally cannot say anything else. I wish I can look like this everyday.

This second outfit is the exact opposite of the above, which just shows Minaj's fearlessness when it comes to fashion. We've fairly established that she is not afraid to wear anything, but I think the first outfit and this one fully shows her range as a fashionista. This outfit is more urban and shows luxury through the black and gold color palette, as well as the renaissance-y pattern on the leggings. Minaj wore this one in the iHeart Radio Music Festival this year

I know this one is cheating but I love both of these outfits. I have no idea where she wore either of these, but I love them! Again, they show Nicki Minaj's spectrum as a trendsetter. The one in the left (Alexander Wang) is reminiscent of her crazier days, while the other (Mark Jacobs) shows a classier, more mature Nicki. I love both of them!

So there you go! I have been listening to a lot of Nicki Minaj these days and it is showing through my outfits as well, and so it is only a matter of time before she is featured on my blog. The Pink Print comes out in December, and I cannot hold my excitement!


**All photos in this post were taken from Nicki Minaj's instagram account.**


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