Style Crush: Alexa Chung

I've always known her, but I never properly noticed her style until this time last year! Why on earth, I do not know. Because out of possibly everyone in the world, her style is the one that speaks to me most. Her peter pan collars, dungarees, and loafers or brogues are things that are right up my alley. Not to mention her trademark cat eyes! But what I adore the most about Alexa Chung is one that nobody can ever steal from her, and that is her ability to take something completely ordinary and make it extraordinary. She always has unexpected twists in her outfits.

Take this suit, for example. Wearing a suit to a red carpet event is unexpected enough already, but with those shoes and that ribbon around her neck, it turns into something almost miraculous. A breathe of fresh air in a sea of ball gowns and dazzling jewelry. Even the way that she is wearing that blazer is so smart, that you can't help but just love it. The pairing of the traditionally feminine red lipstick with this traditionally masculine get- up is the ultimate cherry on top of this outfit.

Alexa loves mixing and matching, as is seen in this picture. There's so many elements that shouldn't work together, but does! In this picture, she mixes relaxed pieces with more professional ones. I think she is the first person I have ever seen who paired a t-shirt with a pencil skirt. The knitted cardigan gives the outfit a much more relaxed vibe too! But to me, what makes this outfit is the cheetah print bag that she is sporting. I would not have, in a million years, picked that out and said that it's an Alexa piece, but she makes it work!

Sigh, there is nothing in this picture that I do not love. If there is one word that I would describe Alexa as, it's gutsy. That Valentino cape dress is loud, to say the least, and not a lot of people would even go near it. But she looks 100% comfortable with the dress, and as a result, she looks fabulous in it! This, I think, is what fashion should be about. Being comfortable and feeling spectacular in what ever you wear, regardless of whether or not it is "on trend."

Alexa is my ultimate style idol. When you're working in fashion, it's very easy to be swept by that season's latest trends. But it is clear that Alexa knows what she wants and knows what she's comfortable with. And that is why I love her.

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