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How to style 70s high-waist flare jeans

High-rise flare jeans must be the most man-repelling of all articles of clothing. Every time I wear my own pair out, the ends of which I hacked off because I'm so vertically-challenged, my guy friends look at me weird, as if I'm wearing Lady Gaga's meat dress or a full-on furry costume. At the same time though, I don't know any female who doesn't like high-rise flare jeans. They're super comfortable, fitted at the waist which gives you a nice figure, while also allowing you to hide wedges underneath, making you look like you grew two feet overnight. They're casual and easy, and makes you look effortlessly stylish, no matter what you throw on top of it.
My only bone to pick with high-rise flare jeans is that it can be difficult to find something, anything, to throw on top of it. Here are three ways I styled mine. Stylish lumberjack who lives in the woods in a cabin she made with her own two hands
Top: Vintage, Folkster Jeans: H&M Loafers: River Island

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